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Monday, May 12, 2014

Something Else I Was Supposed to be Doing

As a young girl/teen, I didn’t often dream of getting married and having children.  In fact, for a long time, part of me wasn’t so sure if I even wanted to be a mom.  (The physical act of giving birth really freaked me out.  Guess I got out of that by having one emergent and one planned c-section.) I actually didn’t really consider having kids until I met my husband, Jeff.  Even then, we waited almost 4 years after getting married to start our family, when I was 33 years old.  I had spent most of the years after high school working on graduating from 3 different colleges/universities, hoping to find the right career and not really thinking about having a family.  After graduating from the 3rd university with my degree in library science, I was pretty sure I had found the right career for me.  I do love being a school librarian.  However, a small part of me still felt like there was "something else I was supposed to be doing."  During this time, I also followed a band* all over the place and saw at least 40+ concerts.  I was young, unmarried and having a lot of fun.  I met some really cool people (some even famous) and even thought for a moment that maybe that environment was where I was meant to be…goofy, I know, but I just knew there was "something else I was supposed to be doing."  It wasn’t until almost 4 years ago that I realized that the “something else I was supposed to be doing” was actually the one thing I didn’t give much thought to…being a mom.  So even though when I told Jack that it was Mother’s Day and he said, “I think it’s daddy’s day!”…I still want to thank him for making me a mommy.  It’s been the hardest and most unexpected job I’ve ever had, but he (and now Harper), make it all worth it!  And now I know, there's nothing else I'd rather be doing!

Holding Jack for the first time.  He was almost 3 weeks old.

My first Mother's Day with Super Jack.

From my 2nd Mother's Day photo shoot.

Jack and Mommy at his 2 year photo shoot.

Jack and Mommy at his 3 year photo shoot.   

My 4th Mother's Day!          

*For those of you who don’t know me well, the band is Hall & Oates!  Just had to post this flashback photo!

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