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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy Boy

Waving and saying, "Hello sun!"

Jack is a busy boy these days!  Well, he's always been busy, but now he seems to have more of a purpose and focus to that busyness.  If he's not washing dishes, then he's playing with his trucks or requesting specific episodes of "Little Einsteins" to watch.  Or he's shouting, "Kindle, Kindle!"  Yep, his vocabulary is expanding every day.  Just today, Jack played with play-doh for a good 30 minutes, played in the tub for even longer, went for a short walk, got his haircut, and managed to have 3 meals too (breakfast, snack, and lunch).  It's no wonder this little guy takes a 3 hour nap every day.  Here's a glimpse into his daily doings. 

First haircut at the salon.  Not too sure about it. 

Pre-Easter Egg Hunter

Making pizza with mommy.

Fixing his truck with a scoobaba (or screwdriver).

Chips at Aunt Becky's after a walk.

Riding the motorcycle at the CMN Miracle Party.

Loving the snow!  (Even if it is in March.)

Making faces at Stauffer's garden center.

After a Thin Mint.

I think Jack is making his case for a pet fish.

Washing Dishes!!!

Just a little bite of broccoli.

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