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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


There's something about the beach, the sand and the surf, that allows for a change in perspective...sets you free from your worries.  This weekend, I felt free and I'm pretty sure Jack felt it too.  Free from anxiety about germs and RSV and illness for Jack.  We are FINALLY at the tail end of our 3rd RSV/FLU season!  While I don't think I will ever be completely free of anxiety about Jack's health (that darn chronic lung disease is nasty), I do feel like we are entering a new era of "typical" living.    We walked on the beach, window shopped, and ate at three (yes three!) different restaurants.  That's more restaurants than Jack has been in during his entire 2.5 years!  And he loved the new music...meals with family...friendly waiters...all of it.  We have done some typical things, here and there, but this felt like the beginning of real from RSV isolation and free to do "normal" family things, whatever that is!   I look forward to many more weekends like this one...I just make sure to pack plenty of sanitizing wipes, high chair covers and throw-away placemats!  (Either way, it's a much better feeling than I had last year at this time when I had major anxiety about taking Jack into Grotto's we ate outside in the 40 degree chill!) 

Catching bubbles with Jenna!

Lunch at the Greene Turtle.  "Enough pictures, Mommy!"

Diggers and the beach...a perfect combination for our Jack.

Trying out a big boy bed in the NEMO room at the beach house.

Testing the waters with cousin Jenna...she was brave enough to take off her shoes.

Chasing the seagulls!

My name is Jack and I like long walks on the beach in winter.


The obligatory family photo.

Dinner at Jake's.


  1. Oh - such a great feeling! I'm glad you had a good time!