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Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Pink Basin

Jack was so tiny.  Even at 2 months old, he weighed just five pounds.  So tiny, that he could be bathed in a pink emesis basin.  Yep, you got that right - Jack's first real bath was not in a tub, but in a pink puke bucket!  (Until this day, we had been bathing him in his isolette.)  It had been an emotional day for me, because after 2 months, Jack's "home" or bedspace was being moved because he tested positive for MRSA.  I wasn't so worried about the MRSA colonization, but more about the level of care he would receive, now that his nurses had to gown and glove up to care for him. That extra step made me nervous about emergencies and also about the nurses' proximity to Jack.  For the first 2 months, I had appreciated the nurses being by his bedside and knew that was likely to change with the new "precautions."  But, when I was told that I, too, would have to wear a gown and gloves, I was heartbroken.  There had already been so many barriers hindering our bonding as momma and son; I couldn't handle one more!  (Especially one that should have been prevented...but that's a different story!)  One of the few things I could do for Jack was hold him skin-to-skin and touch him, without a blue-glove or yellow gown barrier.  I stood by his new bedside and sobbed...and sobbed.  I had done a pretty good job of keeping my emotions in check (at least while in the NICU), but I was devastated to think that not only would his nursing care change, but that he wouldn't be able to feel that same closeness and comfort from his mommy.  This wasn't the first time I had to advocate for Jack, and it won't be the last....but notice in the photo that there were NO gloves on my hands, during this first bath, or ever, during his NICU stay.  
The nurse in the background is wearing gloves...but I am not! 

I've kept many NICU reminders...Jack's smaller than small BP cuffs...his "sunglasses" from the bili lights...and this pink basin.  Jack used it a hat!

Doing dishes, as usual.  His hands were covered in Dorito cheese..."doing dishes" is the easiest way to get them clean.  And more fun, if you ask Jack!

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