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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Pictures 2012

As I sifted through a year's worth of Jack photos, I realized that 2012 was the year without medical NG tube, no O2 tanks or concentrator...and after winter, the year of freedom from RSV isolation!    Jack was finally untethered...and it shows!  Some of the things Jack (and we) experienced this year, I never could have imagined as we sat in the NICU for 112 days, willing him to survive and thrive.  During those days, our focus was on survival and I rarely let myself wonder what the future would be like for Jack.  Even after Jack came home, still with multiple meds, appointments, therapies, O2 and a feeding tube, it was very difficult to see past all that to a future of typical, fun toddlerhood.  Little did I know!   However, as I've discovered from looking at Jack's 2012 photos, his present and future are simply spectacular. 

January - Standing on my own!
February - Bathtime in the big tub. 
March - Mayor of Willow Lane
April - The Great Easter Egg Extravaganza
May - The first of many playdates with the cousins.
June - 2nd trip to the OBX.  
July - A day at Dutch Wonderland.
August - Two pounds to two years!  Happy Birthday Jack Ryan!
September - BOAT!
October - Ginger SNAP
November - From NG tube to PIZZA
December - the REAL Elf on the Shelf

Happy New Year!  We hope that your 2012 was as blessed as ours and your 2013 is even better.  I can't wait to see what's ahead for Jack this year.    

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