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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daily Memories

I had planned to write a post about why I blog and why I focus on prematurity, but I happened upon another mom’s blog where she was getting SLAMMED for being honest and real about her little girl and her unique needs.  She wasn’t complaining about what she, as a mother, had to deal with or saying that it was too much.    She was just being truthful about the difficulties that they have faced and may face in the future.  She was told to be just be happy, quit complaining, and so on (and those were some of the polite comments).  They asked, "What will your daughter think when she reads this some day?"  I sure hope that when Jack reads this blog some day, he will realize how blessed we are to be his parents and how his mommy advocated for him and for all babies born premature.  It made me think about what I normally write about on the blog and how that might be perceived by my readers.  I don’t get a lot of comments, as this mom did, so I can’t really speculate about what readers (are you out there??) may feel or think.  (Although some of you do comment on Facebook…thanks for that!).  But my assumption is that everyone knows I think Jack is absolutely amazing!  Wonderful!  Happy!  Funny!  Smart!  Everything he does is a victory for him and to me!  I could go on and on about how awesome I think he is.  But, I often don’t do that…because I would probably have to blog for hours every day!  I try to keep track of some of the things he says or does with a file called “Daily Memories” and thought I’d share.  I also take many, many pictures of him daily...his Great Aunt Jul says he’s “the most photographed kid in the world.”

For this week, just a little glimpse of what life is like with our boy.  (Stay tuned to next week when I reveal my “Why?”). 

  • Today Jack put puppy on his head and said “hat. " He then found my bra (we were folding laundry) and put it on his head too!    
  • Took Jack to Daniel’s Den this morning…made friends with a girl named Olivia.  Said “Hi” to everyone!  Should be napping right now, but is instead shouting out words that he knows “Blue, Purple, Open.”  Finally napped after 2 hours of talking. 
Spent Christmas Eve as a REAL Elf on the Shelf.
  • After SPLASH, I picked up a 4pc chicken McNugget Happy Meal on the off chance that Jack would eat it….he ate 1 nugget, many fries and 1 apple slice.
  • Jack had PT with Miss Mari at Daniel’s Den.  He made her go down the twisty, tube slide 3 times (with him)!  He brought the friend over to us and said, “Mommy” and then “Mari” as if he was making introductions!
Painting with a paintbrush.  He ended up putting all the crayons in the water cup!
  • Told Jack to say, “Come on Daddy” when it was time for bed.  Jack, instead, said, “Now.”
  • Wiped his own weiner during diaper change! 
  • Jack was climbing on the table and Jeff said, “How many times have your mother and I told you not to climb up there?”  Jack replied, “8!”
  • Jack was playing with his “big giraffe” and “baby giraffe.”  He crouched down and “sat” on the baby giraffe and shouted “RIDE.”
  • Woke Jack up from his nap to find him naked (no clothes, no diaper) and 2 piles of poop!  We talked about how he needs to keep his diaper ON during naps.  Straight to the bath! (This has not happened again.)
  • When he sees something he likes in a toy catalog, he “pinches” it with his fingers and grunts…hoping to get it out of the book!
  • Yesterday, Jack followed our cousin into her bedroom when she was changing out of her pajamas.  When she took her pants off, he said “butt.”  When she put her new pants on, he said, “Bye, Bye, Butt.”  
Took his first bites of a whole apple.  Loved it!
  • Today, Jack pulled the vacuum cleaner to the floor and rode on it like a riding toy.  Guess I don’t vacuum enough. 
  • The other day, he was “reading” with Jeff and said “Flower” then counted the 4 flowers and sniffed them too!  He has been saying, “Ready, set GO!” or “I-2-3 GO!” too. 
  • Jack worked his way on to the couch, looked across the room at Jeff…and then put his hands behind his head, just like Daddy.  So cute!
  • Jack asked to go potty, then shut the door and said, “Bye Bye Mommy.”  I thought I’d give him some privacy and got distracted by dishes.  Quietly, he played in the puddle that was his pee! 
Jack shouted "Big A" when we were playing in the neighbors yard :)

  • So, when Jeff and Jack play, Jeff often gives Jack "the claw" (from Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar). Tonight, Jack did it to Jeff...but called it, "Baby Claw."
  • Today at SPLASH, Jack was given white pom pom snowballs to glue on his snow sky scene.  Instead, he wanted to pile them up and make a snowman!
  • When I went to get Jack out of his crib today, he grabbed his hiney and said, “I poot (pooped).”  He didn’t.  Just pee. 
  • I told Jeff to take off his pants, because they had rock “dust” on them (not good for Jack’s lungs).  Jack immediately started to take off his own pants…and then proceeded to attempt to remove mine!  Apparently he thought it was a family "no pants" kind of night!
  • Tried my beef at dinner.  Is now “grilling” the pieces that fell on the floor on his play grill.  
I asked Jack to say "chip" and this is the response I got!


  1. Love it! What a fun boy you have. Makes me look forward to the new things mine will be doing minus the taking diapers off and piles of poop :) Thanks for sharing Heather. You are a WONDERFUL advocate for Jack and other preemies and have taught us non-preemie parents a lot too and how to be sensitive. I thank you for that!

    1. Thanks for reading, Abbie! I appreciate your kind words, too. We love following Anna & Adam's adventures :)