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Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday: Children's Miracle Network

I'll be the first to admit that I used to pass over the yearly telethon for some other show (probably on HGTV or Bravo).  I knew what Children's Miracle Network (CMN) was (or so I thought), but I didn't feel any real connection to it.  Since Jack was born and we've had first-hand experience with what CMN really does, I couldn't be more willing to share our story if it means more families will be supported like we were at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital (PSHCH).  Giving, in whatever way possible, to an organization that directly impacts my child...I don't know if there is a word that adequately portray what my heart feels.  Grateful.  Indebted.   Warm and fuzzy.  Surreal. 
Back in March, producers came to our home to interview us and Jack.  They wanted to hear our story and our experience at PSHCH, which of course brought back some painful  emotions and flashbacks to moments best forgotten.  They think he's a miracle.  And that we are a "Miracle Family."  In some ways, that "miracle" label makes me uncomfortable.  As you'll hear in the video, my husband and I think all babies are miracles, not just Jack.  After experiencing fertility issues, premature birth, and subsequently learning how difficult pregnancy and childbirth really can be, I often think that having a "normal, healthy" pregnancy resulting in a "normal, healthy" baby is completely miraculous, really.  However, my small twinge of discomfort won't stop me from supporting this great organization.  They support families behind the scenes, through equipment and staffing, and do great things for the kiddos affected by illness and injury.  They connect families and foster lasting friendships.  Everything they do has a direct impact on children and their families.
Don't worry, I'm not going to direct you to my fundraising page or ask you to call in.  I get it.  This is a rough economy.  And a lack of connection makes it difficult to be moved to donate or support a cause.  I didn't often do so...until my little guy...our family...we ARE that cause.   But at the very least, watch this clip.  (It's worth it for the Jack cuteness!)  Don't change the channel this time, like I used to. 

Meet  Jack - Children's Miracle Network 2013 - Penn State Hershey

or this one:

Meet Jackson - Children's Miracle Network 2013 - Penn State Hershey

and one more:

Meet Kayley - Children's Miracle Network 2103 - Penn State Hershey

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