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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Christmas Ever

When Jack was in the NICU, part of me had a hard time believing that he would someday be eating wrapping paper as a toddler or opening gifts as a pre-schooler.  I wouldn't say I was a pessimist, more like a realist.  I knew too much about what could go wrong to get my hopes up about what could go right.  Until Jack came home, just weeks before Christmas.  While things weren't exactly "right" that Christmas in 2010, I finally started to believe.  And every Christmas since then has been the Best Christmas Ever!

So Jesus said to him, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.” John 4:48

Jack's 1st Christmas...he had been home from the NICU for just 25 days and was almost 5 months old (2 months adjusted).  What a great Christmas gift.  While he was well enough to come home (on O2 and with an NG tube), he was not well enough to be exposed to large groups of people and their possible sick germs.  We spent quality time at home, adjusting to life there instead of the NICU. 

Christmas 2010...when I started to believe. 

Jack's 2nd Christmas...he was almost 16 months old and just started standing on his own.  He was off O2 and eating better without the NG tube.  We were able to take him to family Christmas events, but were still very cautious about keeping him healthy.  He was really into presents this year!  

Jack receiving the first gift of Christmas 2011.

Jack's 3rd Christmas was lots of fun!  We went to family events without worrying too much, especially because Jack had already handled his first cold and ear infection rather well (after his 1st trip to Disney).  He was a little over 2 years old and loved hanging out with family and friends during the holidays.  

Christmas 2012...our own Elf on the Shelf.

Jack's 4th Christmas started out great...he was excited for all the family events.  He loved his new Hess truck from Uncle Ry and was pleased to share it with everyone he saw.  But, he did end up with a bad ear infection on Christmas Eve that put a damper on things.  At 3.5 years old, he was a little more particular about what he wanted from Santa, but didn't actually want to talk to the big man himself.  Jack was really looking forward to after Christmas, when his little sister would arrive!
A big smile, but no words, for Santa...Christmas 2013. 

This year, Jack's 5th Christmas, proved to be pretty exciting for our big boy of four and a half.  We held the Christmas Eve family festivities at our home, which was nice.  Jack is going through the "I want to open presents right now" phase, which wasn't exactly pleasant at times, but we survived and he's back to his happy self.  He especially enjoyed helping Harper open her gifts. 

Christmas 2014...Santa's Little Helpers

I have always loved Christmas, but each Christmas since my kiddos have arrived has been the BEST.  I look forward to many more Christmas seasons and traditions with our family of four (plus many more!). 

P.S.  Hope to start blogging more...I have so many things to say, but little time to write.  I head back to work tomorrow, so maybe the structure will allow more time?