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Thursday, October 24, 2013


I've never been comfortable with the concept of  the "power of prayer" - as in, if you just pray hard enough or often enough or say just the right prayer at the right time, then everything will be just fine.  In fact, I'm not okay with "just fine" either.  Everybody's "just fine" is different.  Distracted already...blame it on the pregnancy.  Where was I?  The "power of prayer."  I guess I just don't think it's fair to expect people to believe this theory/concept.  What happens if the people who pray most often and pray the hardest still have bad things happen to them?  Or does someone's loved one die because they just didn't pray often enough?  Or have the right amount of people praying?  The "power of prayer" and God not giving you "more than you can handle" - both on my list.  

So, that being said, I DO believe in praying and the importance of prayer (just not it's all-encompassing power).  And we were always so grateful to hear that people were praying for Jack while he was in the NICU.  I prayed for him often...hard...all the time.  But I tried a different type of prayer (and still do).  Instead of praying for God to do something for Jack (heal his lungs, send him home), my prayers were always that of thanks for what he already done for him or us.  "Thank you, God, for helping Jack breathe today without needing a ventilator."  "Thank you, God, for allowing Jack to tolerate his feeds today."  I'm pretty sure that I didn't want to pray for or ask for the wrong thing.  (Okay, maybe I believe in the power!).  Either way, this type of prayer helped me stay focused on what was happening, rather than what I wanted to happen.  I think Jack was praying the same kinds of prayers too.

Which brings me to today.  I've been praying the same kind of prayers for baby sister.  "Thank you, God, for allowing her to grow these past 24 weeks."  (Just had an ultrasound and baby girl is in the 42nd percentile, measuring at 1lb 6oz.  Right on target.  Not too big, which my gestational diabetes could cause.  Not too small, which possible preeclampsia and IUGR could cause.  I had both with Jack.)  Before the ultrasound, I had just attended Jack's first preschool "Harvest Party."  It's funny how different kids act when their parents are around (my Jack included).  I'll just leave it at that!  But, then, I got this surprise e-mail from Jack's teacher.  

"I totally forgot to tell you about something Jack has been doing in class.  It is ADORABLE!  Every time we say a prayer, I ask them to fold their hands.  When I do this, he immediately comes over to me and says "fold hands" and puts his hands out toward me.  I put my hands over top of his and we fold them together to say prayers.  He knows all the words to the prayers!  It melts my heart when he does this!  Enjoy your weekend!"

And I have no words.  Just tears. 

"Thank you, God, for putting this sweet, sweet boy in my life!" 

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  1. Love this post. Prayer is all I'm hanging on to right now. But like they always taught at church...sometimes God doesn't choose to answer your prayers (or maybe answers them not exactly in the way you want!) but he has a reason. Always freaks me out!! What if he isn't going to answer my prayers??

    ps I am so glad your little girl is growing well! : ) Great news!