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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Monday, October 7, 2013


     This weekend, I flew to Nashville for a quick trip and couldn’t be more in awe of the Preemie Parent Alliance (PPA) and its members.  Alliance...sounds like a group of superheroes, huh?  That’s because they are.  The PPA is an inspiring and influential group of parents affected by prematurity.  They have taken a traumatizing, and often heartbreaking, experience and are doing good with it.  More than good.  Great things.  Powerful things.  Not only are they empowering parents, they are concretely helping preemies and their families.   They have influence over the care premature infants and their families receive by medical professionals.  They are changing perceptions about prematurity.  They confirmed what I’ve always felt.  Prematurity is a big deal.  Not in the paparazzi take my picture kind of big deal, but in the life-changing, long-lasting impact type of big deal.  Maybe they could help you.  Or maybe you can help them.  Check them out:  PPA MembersEach group in the PPA is unique, but as a whole have a common goal.  Yep, superheroes.  I want be just like them when I grow up.

     I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what made this opportunity possible.  The Foundation for Prematurity is a local (PA), newly formed foundation whose mission is to give grants to families of preemies needing financial assistance for therapies and interventions.  About 2 years ago, I joined support group of preemie moms.  Turns out, the founder had been working for years to get this foundation off the ground and asked me to be on the board.  We are currently looking to give funds (yep, $$$) to families who have therapies and interventions (for their preemie of any age) that aren’t covered by medical insurance or medical assistance (in PA).  This foundation gives directly to families.  Check out our website:   No baby is too small.   No need is too small.  No donation is too small.

     And, I can't forget my own little superhero who really made this all possible!  Jack is doing great.  Loving preschool and his therapies.  Adjusting well to my being back to work (probably better than I am).  Not sleeping in his race car bed.  Getting more aware of the fact that "baby sister" will be here in a few months.  Talking more and more every day.  Even when he's being defiant, "I not nap.  I not eat." - I can't stop myself from smiling because he's using sentences!  He loves to run now (and looks much more comfortable and fluid when he does...less like Phoebe from Friends), is always asking us to "take his picture," and is finally using a fork more consistently.  Here's a little video to prove it.  (Notice how he asks me to put the food on his fork and tells mommy and daddy to clap their hands after he is successful.  He's a fun kid!!)

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  1. Jack is so cute, love the video.

    Does your "baby sister" reference mean you are having a girl? Congratulations! :)